5 common mistakes everyone makes when selling the old mobile

  By Cash On Phone

In this tech era, no one can imagine their lives without a mobile phone. With a smartphone, we have access to the entire world in our hands. Whenever a better version of the phone is released, we urge getting our hands on the latest mobile phones, and hence most of us consider the option to sell old mobile for some extra bucks.


Well, it is the right decision because not only will it help you get some cash, but it also helps reduce eWaste by providing a new home to your old phone. It is also true that people make mistakes while selling theirphones for cash. This post will help you avoid those mistakes and get a better value.


1. Making delays

If you think that I should sell my old phone for cash, then make no delays at all. You should quickly get started with the process because numerous new mobile phone models are releasing every day, and if you delay selling your old one, you won’t be able to get a reasonable price. So, hurry up!


2. Not setting your selling price

Would you like to sell your phone at a throwaway price? If not, then you must decide on the minimum amount that you will accept. It is suggested to get the estimated value through some online platforms.


3. Not getting your old phone ready to sell

If your phone isn’t looking nice, people might not be interested in buying it, or they can offer a low price. To avoid this problem, you should try to make it look good. Clean the phone properly. Also, if there is an old scratch guard that looks ugly, then you can remove or replace that.


You should also transfer the personal data from the phone, so if the buyer wants to get it immediately, you can hand it over quickly.


4. Not knowing about the right place to sell

It is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Once you have decided that I shouldsell my old phone, it is time to explore the best options to sell your phone for an exciting price. You can consider numerous online platforms for that. We would recommend cashonphone.com for the best deals.


5. Providing false details

You should always avoid giving wrong information about your phones, such as models, specifications, and features. It would be best if you always go for the truth so that the buyer doesn’t feel cheated, and he gets what he exactly wants for his next mobile.


Always avoid all these mistakes when you decide that I want to sell my mobile for cash. Try cashonphone.com, and you might get much better cash value for your phone!


Happy selling!